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  365 physiotherapy clinic - Opens full day on saturdays from August 2022 . Opening Hours -9 am to 5 Pm . Promotional Offer 20 % for new appointments ; Please use this promotional code-AUGRX to avail Promotional Offer, valid only for 3 months . Here at 365 Physiotherapy Dublin we offer physio sessions at competitive prices and a free 15 minutes initial consultation with your own physio; so why wait? Give us a call today here at 365 Physiotherapy. 365 Physiotherapy provides physical therapy at our clinic 256 Swords Road, White Hall, Santry, Dublin. We are dedicated to providing the best possible physical therapy for each and every client. Physio Treatments We offer a wide range of physiotherapy services such as: Back Pain Neck Pain Shoulder Pain Knee Pain Hip Pain Foot Pain Sports Injuries Like Gaelic Athletic, Tennis, Runner, Rugby and Golf. About 365 Physiotherapy 365 Physiotherapy365 Physiotherapy Private Practice in Santry, Near Beaumount Hospital and Dublin City University , Dubl

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 365 Physiotherapy  is commencing soon  with Vestibular Rehab Physio in North Dublin Area.  Visit 365 physiotherapy social media acting sites . Click here:

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 Physiotherapy in Dublin|Santry-Dublin9|Local Chartered Physiotherapist and  highly skilled in a broad range of Physiotherapy Conditions and Treatment techniques including: BACK PAIN,  NECK PAIN , SHOULDER PAIN , KNEE PAIN,HIP PAIN,FOOT PAIN , TENNIS ELBOW PAIN , SPORT INJURIES Like GAA,  Tennis, Runner, Rugby, Golf, Table Tennis . Our main aims are to: Provide the highest quality of physiotherapy based on your individual assessment results. Offer excellent care with a personalized treatment plan to suit your specific needs. Ensure you get back to the activities you enjoy and love in an efficient and effective time whilst providing the manual therapy, Exercise Therapy and  Dry Needling needed." Physiotherapy in Dublin.  Physiotherapy in Dublin | Back and Neck Pain | 365 Physiotherapy

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 365 Physiotherapy Dublin treats Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain , Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Foot Pain , Sports Injuries Like GAA, Tennis, Runner, Rugby and Golf .  365 Physiotherapy Private Practice is a client-centred care, designed to meet the needs of all-aged individuals.